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Client: ADV 318J

Description: Introduction to Advertising & Integrated Brand Communication

Independent Project

The purpose of this project was to create the brand name, packaging, and promotion material for a new energy drink and properly position it in the market after conducting a comparative evaluation of other products in this category.

Client: Chatter

Description: A free discussion-board tool for students to communicate with the class, Instructors and TAs through free-form threaded discussions.

My Role: Art Director


The purpose of this logo is to visually represent the essence of the college experience in a way that also connects to the app's chosen name: Chatter.

Client: Internal LAITS Team

My Role: Art Director

These are original poster designs that I developed when assigned to create the official Fall 2021 STA Roster Poster. The first image depicts the version corresponding to the approved final theme, the other is a draft based on a discarded theme.

Digital Backdrops

These are some backdrops I designed following through with the direction I received for image type, use of color, transparency, and concept design.

Design Menus

These design menus are made up of components I put together for various online courses at the University of Texas. As you can see, there is a basic structure to follow when creating graphics like this. However, I did have wiggle room to come up with the color palettes and imagery.



Developing a Solid Campaign Strategy

ADV 345J – Media Foundations

Role: Lead of Strategy | Co-Researcher | Co-Copywriter

Through this project, we pitched a comprehensive campaign to expand Whole Earth Provisions Co. to the Portland, OR market. I was particularly in charge of researching for the right target market and strategizing Flight 2 focused on incentivizing our target market.

Class Rank: Within the Top 5 pitches.

Client: ADV 325

Description: Introduction to Advertising Creativity

My Role: Copywriter

The purpose of this project was to develop a creative brief for a new campaign connecting Tide to college freshmen. As the copywriter I came up with the copy for the organizing idea, hashtags, and other sub-campaigns.

Client: UT Student Success Tool

Description: A reporting and messaging tool for instructors and TAs to connect with inactive students therefore preventing students falling behind.

My Role: Art Director

The purpose of this logo is to visually represent a balance between the purpose of the app and the UT spirit.

Client: Internal LAITS STA Team​​

My Role: Art Director


These are art pieces of my own creation that I was tasked to do in order to demonstrate tool usage proficiency and/or comprehension of the prompt's underlying topic.


I created these icons when tasked to come up with visual representations of those themes. Though the design is my original work, I had to follow a specific art style.

InDesign Spread

This is a brief example of a magazine-like spread I put together through Adobe's InDesign. Though I did have a required number of images and pull quotes to include, the format, image placement, typography and color scheme were choices I got to make myself.


These are banners I designed out of my own vision. Though some of the icons were provided to me, the use of colors, fonts, and overall layout were executed by me.

ADV 370J – Integrated Communication Management

Role: "Change Seeker" | Co-Strategist | Co-Copywriter

Through this project, we pitched a comprehensive campaign to expand Bloom Communications to the Dallas, Houston, and Pacific Northwest markets. I was particularly in charge of coming up with the consultation tactic for the B10om plan, and strategizing the Seattle, WA and Boise, ID expansion methods.

Class Rank: Within the Top 3 pitches.

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